Arkansas Fur Auction Results

atalogo_headerThe Arkansas Trappers Association held a fur auction on February 13, 2014. 

Below are some highlights from the auction:

Beaver – $14.03 average, with 472 sold.

Wild Mink$19.15 average, with 17 sold.

Red Fox$37.82 average, with 25 sold.

Gray Fox – $21.88 average, with 153 sold.

Raccoon – $7.60 average, with 1856 sold.

Coyote$17.01 average, with 106 sold.

Muskrat – $8.92 average, with 84 sold.

Possum – $1.44 average, with 352 sold.

Bobcat – $70.00 average, with 248 sold.

Otter – $61.38 average, with 152 sold.

Click here to view the full Arkansas State Trappers Association February 2014 Fur Auction Results.

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