FHA’s January 2014 Fur Auction Results

FurHarvesters_logoFur Harvesters Auction Inc. held the first major fur sale of 2014, which will help set the stage for the fur market the rest of the season.  Prices for most items were off from the 2013 highs, but compared to the low levels in the market just a few years ago, fur prices aren’t looking too terrible.  It’s FHA’s job to get the most value for their trappers and they have a positive outlook on the position trappers are in considering the recent market woes.  At the same time, many trappers who sold fur last year will be complaining about these prices.  Take a look at the numbers and decide for yourself.

Here are some highlights:

Beaver$32.79 average overall, with 1st section pelts selling at highest price and %.  (over 20,000 sold)

Wild Mink$17.61 average, 50% sold

Otter$55.32 average, mostly unsold (only 12% sold)

Muskrat$9.34 – $10.11 averages, with almost all sold

Raccoon – averages ranging from $7.90 – $36.04, wide variation depending on location.  Poor clearance (only about 1/3 sold overall).

Red Fox – averages ranging from $21.84 – $86.94.  Eastern and Northern skins sold extremely well, Central were mainly unsold.

Coyote$56.90 average

Click here to view the full FHA January 2014 Auction Report.




FHA’s January 2014 Fur Auction Results — 11 Comments

  1. Do they take marten, fishers, rabbit if so what are their rough worth, young man looking to do some trapping for the season

    • Hi Cody. Yes they take marten and fisher. I don’t think they take rabbit. I’m not sure what the prices will be. Check out past auctions to see what you might expect. If you are a beginner, you might look for a local fur buyer to sell your fur to. They can often help you find out what your fur is worth and give you other valuable advice.

    • Hi Linda. You might try calling Greg Petska at 308-750-0700. They buy Kansas cats. The Kansas Fur Harvesters held an auction this past weekend but I haven’t seen the results yet. Good luck!

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