I-160: Initiative to Ban Trapping on Public Land in Montana

The anti-hunting, anti-trapping crowd is at it again.  This time it’s in Montana – a once conservative, property rights oriented state that has seen drastic changes in demographics over the past few decades.  Fresh faces, liberal ideas, and city lifestyle have paved the way for animal rights initiatives in a state where such nonsense would once have been unthinkable.  But here we are.

I’m talking about I-160, a ballot initiative that will be in front of Montana voters next fall, and would ban trapping on all public lands in the state.  A relatively new animal rights group, Footloose Montana, has sponsored the initiative and has pushed full speed ahead, spreading lies and gathering signatures.  We’re facing a huge battle to keep our trapping rights in Montana, and this new bill would impact almost every trapper in the state –  a very, very large portion of Montana is publicly owned.

Here’s the language that will likely be on the ballot:

I-160 prohibits trapping of all wild mammals and birds by any means on public lands in Montana, subject to limited exceptions. It allows trapping for scientific purposes and for breeding of migratory game birds. It also allows trapping by public employees to protect public health and safety. However, it prohibits commercial use of wild mammals and birds trapped on public lands for any of the allowable purposes.
I-160 costs approximately $47,780 of state funds annually, resulting from a loss of
trapping license revenue.

[ ] FOR prohibiting trapping of all wild mammals and birds on public lands in Montana, subject to limited exceptions.

[ ] AGAINST prohibiting trapping of all wild mammals and birds on public lands in Montana, subject to limited exceptions.

Yes, you read it right.  This would ban all trapping on public lands in Montana.  The initiative is absolutely insane, and it seems as though it should be voted down easily.  But then again, such initiatives have passed in a number of other states.  Trappers should be very concerned about this.

Montana trappers are responding.  The Montana Trappers Association and its board of directors have been working hard to form a coalition that will fight this initiative.  All individuals and organizations are encouraged to join Montanans for Effective Wildlife Management at www.noon160.com.

I’ll have more on I-160 later.  We’ll talk about the many lies the animal rights people are spreading to promote the trapping ban, and also post information on the response from trappers and members of MEWM.  Until then, please sign up as a supporter of MEWM at www.noon160.com and show your support for trapping!


I-160: Initiative to Ban Trapping on Public Land in Montana — 1 Comment

  1. It’s about time that trappers get smart and start proposing initiatives to protect commercial trapping and seperate themselves from predator control. The city folks are stupid and the AR activists are NEVER going to stop untill trapping is eliminated. The reason trapping for fur isn’t worth the time now, is not the fault of the AR activists. It’s the fault of trappers not regulating themselves.
    Trappers, as opposed to predator control nuts, should encourage…
    The ban of importing all endangered fur or animals from any other country.
    A 24 hour check rule.
    A limit on the number of traps one can reasonably run in daylight hours.
    Support wolf reintroduction.
    Denounce outdated predator control policies that only protect livestock..
    Encourage the buyout program of public lands grazing leases.
    Support a required test for first time trapping liscense holders.
    Educate the public on the responsibility of pet ownership.
    Educate the public on where most of the fur from North America goes.
    Support limits on trapping species that are considered important to the general public and those animals recolonizing their former range. No bears, no wolverines, no wolves and no lynx.
    Educate the public on the fact that trapping is not cruel when done ethically.
    In short it is time for western trapping interests to seperate themselves tottaly from public land predator control. We as trappers will not survive if we continue to ally ourselves with ranching interests.
    We must get smart and promote ouselves as true sportsman and not a bunch of slobs.
    Think about it.

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